Founded in 1862, The Working Men’s Club and Institute Union is now the largest non-profit making social entertainment and leisure organisation in the UK, representing the interests and views of four million club members. The CIU has two main purposes: to provide a voice at national level for working men's clubs and social clubs, and to provide discounted products and services for its members. Club members who hold a CIU Pass Card can visit other Union clubs if on holiday or working away. We are one of the 1800 associated Clubs and our Members can purchase CIU passcards to enable them to visit other Clubs throughout the Country. The CIU honours system awards service to the Club movement.

10 Years Certificate Of Merit

Members have been awarded for 10 year's service to the Club Committee

GWYNNE JONES     25/02/19

KEN BOAK     25/02/19

BILL LLOYD     22/02/11
ROSE HUTCHINGS     07/10/10
LARRY SUTTON     07/10/10
DAVE SHADRACH     06/12/07
BET BISHOP     11/01/07
VAL KIMBER     06/07/06
STEVE BLORE     21/03/02
STAN BISHOP     14/12/00
MELVIN BOURNE     17/07/97
BARRY O'DONOVAN     19/10/94

RON CAMPBELL     18/11/93
TOM OAKLEY     18/11/93
DAVID MARTIN     18/11/93
ALUN THOMAS     21/04/88
FRANK COOMBS     21/04/88

25 Years Long Service Award

Members have been awarded for 25 year's service to the Club Committee

DAVE JORDAN    05/12/12

BARRY O'DONOVAN    08/10/09

TOM OAKLEY     04/09/08

DAVID MARTIN     08/06/06