Booking Information and Forms

Members can book the Club for parties and events. All applications are subject to approval by the Management Team. 

1) You must have been a full Member at least 6 months before your event and bookings may be made for Club Members & their immediate family only.

2) You must be present throughout your event and your co-operation is expected at all times. For safety reasons Children must be kept under control at all times.

3) To cover the cost of Staff and additional cleaning, we charge £50 per booking. We also require a £50 returnable deposit which will be refunded after the event should no damage be found. The member making the booking must agree to cover the repair cost of any damage or breakage should it be more than the deposit held. Payment should be by BACS and our Bank account details will be provided. 

4) A list of all expected Adult Guests must be provided along with your £100 payment at least 7 days before your event is due to take place. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any Guest at any time. 

5) You as the member making the booking assume full responsibility for all your Guests. Please advise any Guests under 21yrs old that ID will be required.

6) You may be financially responsible for any malicious damage caused by your Guests or caused as a result of actions or behaviour of your Guests.

7) You must not knowingly invite any persons known to be on the Pubwatch files. If you know of any Guest who has been banned from any Licensed premises in Reigate, Red hill or Merstham, you must ask our permission before inviting that person.

8) Any persons found to be drinking alcohol or purchasing alcohol for persons under 18 will be asked to leave the premises and as the person making the booking you will be expected to assist the Club in the matter.

9) You are asked to remind all your Guests that they are expected to leave the Club quietly and not to cause nuisance or distress to the Residents of Lyndale or Monson Road.

10) Please ensure that any balloons are secured and not left to float around the floor.

11) Please note that Heelys / wheeled trainers are banned for safety reasons.

12) The Committee reserve the right to withdrawal permission for your booking should it become necessary to protect the Club and its license. Notice will be given wherever possible.

13) The Management reserve the right to impose further conditions. All bookings are subject to approval by the Management Team.